Italy. Late 1500s, counter-reformation – the genesis of the battle between the power of the Church of Rome and the local authorities. The battlefield is the conscience of the faithful and the instrument is confession. The objective: total control over the soul, more so even than the body.


Following a successful launch at Locarno Festival 2018, MENOCCHIO was released in Italy with a hybrid model of direct distribution that included a long tour through most Italian regions. Our Facebook campaign for Nefertiti Film was completely adapted to the distribution strategy, putting a real emphasis on local information. Preceding the tour by one or two weeks, the campaign targeted key audiences for the film (people interested in history or religion, fans of historical dramas) with very detailed information about screenings and premieres.

The content of the campaign focused on the historical figure of Menocchio to underline his forgotten role in shaking the basis of Catholicism in XVI century Italy. Visuals were carefully selected and created to highlight the high production value of the film and the beautiful photography. While social media was just one part of the marketing mix at the beginning of the tour, it soon became the only communication channel together with local PR as it was the most adapted for the very specific type of targeting required. From 6 weeks initially planned, we were asked to extend the campaign to four months. Despite limited target groups for each post and older demographics, engagement was high and conversion to cinema tickets appeared particularly effective.


  • Social media strategy
  • Social media – Theatrical release in Italy