Själö - Island of Souls

Finnish production company Made approached us in 2020 to work on artist and filmmaker Lotta Petronella’s film SJÄLÖ – ISLAND OF SOULS. Mathias and Joanna had already fallen in love with the project as experts for doc.incubator, so we were very excited to help promote the film for its world premiere at CPH:DOX, a festival that went fully online because of the outburst of Covid-19.

Year: 2020
Client: Made
Territory: International

This is one of the last campaigns for which Facebook was our main hub, with Instagram being just a secondary platform. We started the campaign with the selection announcement and went on until a week after CPH:DOX. We were initially planning a campaign mostly aimed at industry professional, with a small audience focus, mostly towards women in the Nordic countries. But the fact the festival had to go entirely online because of covid made us adapt the campaign quite radically. We did of course promote our posts to industry professionals, but we also engaged cinephiles and feminists in Denmark, to get them to watch the film on VOD.”

Mathias Noschis, project manager on the campaign: “The film is a beautiful documentary with strong experimental elements narrated by director Lotta Petronella. It explores the island of Själö in the Baltic Sea, a place that was used for centuries to lock down women who were considered socially transgressive. The film gives a voice to these women by reading their letters and putting their whispers into images. Quite naturally, we decided to go for a very poetic and visually striking campaign. We wanted to allow potential viewers to enter into the universe of Lotta and her film, without focusing on the plot. However, for the posts that were more informative in the campaign, we decided to focus on the “giving a voice to women whose voice has been taken away”-element, a strong and very contemporary approach.”

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